The IEEE History Center Press is proud to unveil its latest publication New York Power which is now available for purchase from Amazon. New York City’s density placed unique constraints on its electric light and power supply. Electrification began during the 1880s, but many innovations were required to supply urban service at a cost that would make possible large-scale consumption. New York Power tells the story of the electrification of the one of the densest electrical load areas in the world, it was also where alternating current challenged and then ultimately vanquished the original direct-current system. Author Joseph J. Cunningham has consulted a variety of historical sources to bring us the story of the massive and sustained effort to develop New York City’s electric utility system. He has researched and authored numerous articles and books on topics such as industrial electrification and electric rail transportation, and has taught widely on the history of electric power systems and consulted on numerous electro-technology projects and television productions. He is the historical consultant for Lionel Trains.


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