Spooling telegraph cables, circa late 1800s

Neil Weste and Bryan Ackland using computer aided design at Bell Labs, 1969

Image of a man smoking a cigar, transmitted by Philo Farnsworth’s television system, early 1930s

New York Stock Exchange, looking east along Wall Street in the winter of 1864.  Housed in these commercial buildings were small shops and offices for lawyers, banks and insurance companies.  The columned building at the far end of the street is the 1842 Merchants Exchange. Stockbroker members of the New York Stock Exchange met there before the opening of their own quarters on Broad Street in 1865.

German Enigma machine, used extensively in World War II. A cipher  device for sending encoded messages, cracking the Enigma code was a top priority amongst the Allied war effort.

Manufacture of power chips, circa 1980s

Women in the Marconi factory, assembling radio gear, 1912.

Cardwell Kolster Type “D” Decremeter, 1918. This instrument was used by the Department of Commerce for testing transmitting equipment for lawful decrement limits.

Baird Cell amplifier control panel, circa 1930s

Systron Polaris Flight Control, circa 1960s