Vulcan Street Plant, Appleton, Wisconsin, first hydro-electric central station in the world, 1882

Cornell students and dynamo room and dynamometer, circa 1880s.

Three vacuum tubes, including Audion, 1917

Three vacuum tubes, including Audion, 1917

Rotary Bakelite phone, circa 1947

Charging an electric car in Detroit, 1919.

Olive Dennis, prominent railway engineer who was the first female member of the American Railway Engineering Association, and in 1920 was the second woman to receive a civil engineering degree from Cornell.

Rose for Lord Kelvin’s compass, patented in the 1880s. The Kelvin Compass was used for maritime navigation and employed a system of two correcting magnets.

German electromagnetic relay

Julian Bigelow, Herman Goldstine, Robert Oppenheimer and John von Neumann with the Institute for Advanced Study computer, 1952

Moscow by electric light, 1901