The first successful working laser, constructed by Dr. Ted Maiman in 1960.

A Leyden jar, an early capacitor, invented independently in 1745 by Ewald Georg von Kleist and Pieter van Musschenbroek.

Willis H. Carrier with his Centrifugal Chiller, 1930s.

Pleumeur-Bodou Earth Station, France, the reception site of the first transatlantic satellite TV signal on July 11th, 1962.

The IBM System/370 Model 145, 1970. The System/370 Model 145 was the first general-purpose business computer to use monolithic circuits in all memory and logic functions, and used semiconductor technology rather than magnetic cores.

Thomas Edison’s electric pen with accessories, first developed in 1875.

The first integrated circuit, developed by Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments, 1958.

Louis Alan Hazeltine with a neutrodyne receiver, 1956

Michael Faraday’s induction ring, used in experiments that led to the discovery of electromagnetic induction on August 29th, 1831. Faraday wrapped two wires around opposite sides of an iron ring, inserting one into a galvanometer and the other into a battery. He observed “waves of electricity” resulting from the change in magnetic flux.

A late 1940s advertisement for new RCA Victrola.